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How much practise is the right amount?

The p word.  A word that sends some running for their lives!  The simple answer to that question is as much as possible. Quality is more important than quantity of course.  If you can achieve what you need in 10 mins that’s better than  3 hours of jamming and mucking around.

Fact is, the drummers who achieve more technically and in terms of versatility and creativity, are the ones who practise every day (or more or less anyway).

One fact is there is nothing for free in this game. The old cliché rings true. You get out what you put in. I think striving for excellence is fun but also you have more tools available.  You may think your talent carries you through enough to be creative but it’s like trying to build a house from scratch with a screwdriver.

Get into a routine and spare some time each day even if it’s 10 mins. Anybody can manage that. You could virtually do that while you have the kettle on!

Work with your tutor and set weekly and long term goals. Don’t beta yourself up if you miss a session but ttry and reach your weekly targets.

Do schooled drummers lose or lack an edge?

This question was inspired from the Todd Sucherman dvd I recently watched. You know what, I’ve heard this nonsense for decades. It simply doesn’t stack up.  A good drummer is a good drummer. A well educated drummer should still know when to and and when not to play certain things. It’s fine to be unschooled but when you stretch out your horizons you are only adding to your weaponry. You won’t lose anything you will just have more things to draw on, be more versatile and play with more ease.

To me the never ending journey of discovery is part of the charm of the instrument.

Depping 2015

Things are going fantastic for my new band Demoniser

I am still really interesting in keeping my hand in other styles and bands by deputising.

So, if you need a drummer anytime give me a call.

You can look at my credentials on other pages on this site and also facebook/demoniserband along with my drumming facebook page.

Email or call 07898 539214