We have a new deal available (which is unique to us), which allows you to save lots of money.

Basically you can book your lessons and learn in a pair instead of one to one, and split the fee between you paying only £10 each (half the normal fee).

Of course this means your learning time will be split between two but you can actually learn a lot by observing each other and learning together.   You will still each receive the same material each.   You may bring and book in with a friend or let us assign a student.

RULES APPLY!     You may find to begin with you are having a lesson one to one to begin with depending upon demand.  During those periods you can remain on the £10 rate.   If the other student drops out a new one will be assigned as available.   If you decide at some point to move to One to One lessons, you will need to book in separately and pay the normal £20 rate.     Lessons should normally be paid for in a block of 4 in advance (unless I agree to weekly terms).  Lessons are generally weekly.  Cancelled agreed lesson dates should be paid for in full.  If for some reason I am unable to provide a lesson in a particular week (which is rare), I will refund that week in full.

Please turn up on time- Not half an hour early or half and hour late. We have quite a tight schedule and its not fair to interrupt other peoples lessons.

To book call or email.

We look forward to you joining the fun.

A discussion about breakages

This has to be mentioned at least once as it comes up quite regularly.

Ok, so its common to read that drummers break heads, sticks and cymbals on a regular basis. I really believe (and there is evidence to support this), that most of it is avoidable.

It stuns me how few people that complain of breakages actually think they may have contributed to the problem although there is often a sneaky mention of ‘I do hit quite hard’, or ‘don’t mention technique’.

So lets start with stick breakages.  Yes, cheap drum sticks are not as durable. We can accept that, but for gigging why are you using cheap sticks. The weight and balance will be completely different than a standard say 5A.  You can be unfortunate and miss hit a cymbal which can shear off some of the tip (unless its nylon), but most stick breakages seem to be centred further down the stick. What this tells me is it must be related to rim shots. Are you possibly playing too many. Remember a rim shot is for impact. If you play at your heaviest and loudest sound all the time, you have nowhere to go. Do you do it because you aren’t loud enough generally? Thats what mics are for (partly).  Why not try and be a little more dynamic. Also factor in the cost of sitting in a pile of sawdust every gig.

Drum heads- Bit of a grey area this because it depends how old the head is. However there are many types of damage- Dents, coating wear, sagging, holes etc.  Coating wear is fair enough as its just age but don’t leave it too long. Dents are avoidable. Generally very hard hitting or playing through or striking angle too steep. Easily fixed if you are willing to change your habits. Remember if you play through a head not only have you passed the maximum volume anyway, you will be fighting yourself because your strokes will more than likely be muted and you are greatly increasing your risk of long term injury.

Cymbals – Ok, the expensive bit.  You don’t need to break them and it probably isn’t the cymbals fault its broken. You must allow cymbals to breathe and you must not push the cymbal beyond the point it can move to. Have you clamped it down too hard for the way you play?   I really believe (and from my own experience) that most cymbal breakages are avoidable. They can actually take quite a lot of punishment but you have to consider that playing them in an unnatural way, is this adding anything musically?  If you don’t want to bring your hand back off the cymbal try a small sweep to the side.

Great news on the playing front

Apart from the great news that I am now a permanent member of the ska and reggae band ‘scooted and booted’, I am also now in great demand for deps.  One that has come up is for brilliant local band the Guards.  I was in that band a couple of years ago for about 6/8 months before being drawn into the Soulweaver marketing machine.  Thankfully we kept in touch and i’ve looked forward to playing with the guys again for sometime.  Certainly the musical front has grown rapidly of late.