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Demoniser back to St Ivies

We’re finally back out doing a great live show for you.

Royal Oak, st ives, Cambs

Free entry

9pm start

Metal and rock at its best


Gig this weekend- Cherry Tree- Peterborough

Demoniser make their debut at the Cherry Tree on Saturday.    Looking forward to letting out a couple of new tunes.   Should be a good one.


Demoniser play the Cherry Tree, Peterborough

Demoniser play the Cherry Tree in Peterborough this weekend.  Great little venue, which seems to maintain popularity despite being on the edge of town which is quite an achievement these days.

Proceedings kick off around 9 so hope to see you there.


Gig News


Next gig up is with Driver. I will let you know as soon as possible whether it is a public gig.

Hope to see you there. More gigs coming soon.


Rehearsal day today

Off to Wyton this evening with the Demoniser boys to work on some new material.   Hopefully it won’t get too slidey out there.  Excited to be gigging again this weekend before a 4 week gap until my birthday gig in St Ives.


Great Gig at The Grapes

We had a great gig.   Fist gig for us where we had to squeeze up a bit.  Amazing how you can work these things though.  Bit of a slow start but picked up quite a decent audience as the night went on. I’m really pleased to see how the material is going down.  Seem to be picking up a good rep and also gaining new followers all the time.

We all felt a bit more relaxed I think too. Started to gel more as a band.  The whole process is much easier now we have an established set so we are taking our time adding new material and continuing to tighten up on what we have.

Next stop Great stukeley near Huntingdon.


Last minute gig addition!!!

Demoniser have had a last minute gig addition.   This Saturday at the Grapes in Cambridge.  Great venue to play.  Hope to see you there


Demoniser @ Great Stukely 7th Feb


Next gig alert!   Really excited, looking forward to the next gig which will be at the 3 horseshoes Gt Stukeley.   Free entry, band on at 9pm.  Hope to see you there


Demoniser next gig

If you like your classic rock and metal get along to Great Stukeley and the 3 horseshoes for our next gig.  Band starts at 9pm, 7th Feb.  Looking to be a great night.  Look to the right column of this web page and like the band and keep up with the latest news. See you there!

Also new band website at www.demoniser.com